Visitors and their awesomeness!

Hey, everyone! 
I hurt my knee real bad about 12 days ago, on my very first roller derby practice in quad skates. And I still can't really walk (now I'm a pro at limping, though), and who knows how long I'm going to be away from my brand new amazing skates! :-\
But now let me write about good news...
Husband and I had visitors for a week and it was AMAZING! Chelsie and Dona lived in Japan with my husband Julian many years ago and they all became true friends! They came down here to visit him and to get to know me and our cat Fiona and guess what? I'm IN LOVE with these beautiful crazy girls!!!!

It was the first time I had champagne (seriously!), cherry vodka, coconut rum... and besides drinking and going to bars, we took the girls to places we like around here!

Of course, we had to take them to Penha's convent, the most famous tourist attraction in our city, Vila Velha:

We had an amazing Brazilian barbecue! I even ate meat and didn't feel sick! ^^

Julian took the girls to a night club in Vitoria. I love dancing, but I really don't like night clubs or crowded places! And my knee is killing me... So I decided to stay home! I'm not sure they'll like to see their pictures here, but these are two of my favorite ones! Chelsie is SO sexy and what can I say about Dona? I'm crazy about that woman! She's the love of my cat Fiona's life!

We went to one of my favorite places, Matilde. We had a great time at the waterfall, walking around and exploring the place!

So those were some of my (many) favorite moments with these ladies. I hope to see them soon! I think I have more good friends at the U.S. now then I have here... 
They went back home today and I already miss them!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a great week!


I heart trash pt2!

Hey, everyone!!!

I'm still getting used to writing posts from the cellphone...

Today's post is about how we can transform old drawers in beautiful shelves!!
I've seen it at Ana Rita's house and I knew I had to do it, too! I was going to throw my kitchen drawers away, because they got terribly old and broken... But why throwing away something that can become something really useful and cute? :D
So I put some nice fabric inside and nailed them on the wall... Isn't it nice?

I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading!!


Derby, derby, derby!!!

Hey, everyone!
I'm sorry for not writing enough lately, but I've been blocked for anything else that's not ROLLER DERBY right now!!!

I'm that person who never fits anywhere, can't manage to have a social life, lots of friends, like a normal person. I hate sports, I'm sedentary, chubby, anti-social and sometimes rude. But you know when you find something that suits you right away? That's roller derby! I'm completely in love with the sport and my new derby girlfriends!

My skates are arriving on the 18th, Chelsie and Dona are coming from the U.S. to pay us a visit and they are bringing my quads with them! (*_*)
I still have to learn the basics of how to skate, though. I SUCK! But I'm very motivated to learn and be the best I can possibly be!

Last practice the girls lent me a pair of extra inline skates just for me to start practicing SOMETHING before getting my quads. Here are some pictures:

The girls have been super patient and they are willing to teach me everything!

If you had never tried it, put skates on and do it! It's awesome, it's love, it's everything!!!
And if you live in EspĂ­rito Santo (the state I live in Brasil) and want to join the league, contact us! As you can see, you don't need to know how to skate, I'm learning from the very beginning!!!
Check out The Black Hearts Derby Girls on Facebook or our BLOG! Join us!!!

And thank you for reading!!! ;)


This is winter!!!

Hey, dear readers!
Winter arrived but there's no sign of cold. Temperature reaches over 30 degrees Celsius and sun radiation keeps destroying our skin. 
I love the cold, spending my free time under the blankets, watching movies and getting fat. But since we live in a tropical country with hellish temperature, Julian and I enjoy it the best way we can!
We went to the beach this morning (it's five minutes from our house on foot), the sun was great, the ocean was amazing (it's usually really strong and dangerous, but today it was like a lake) and the best of all: there weren't a lot of people! 

The beach is a very nice place to read. It's calm and quiet when it's not crowded and the sound of the ocean is so relaxing!

Neil Gaiman is an *AMAZING* writer and this book is awesome! There are many short stories, which is really good for you to read while waiting for something or commuting on a bus or just chilling in a nice relaxing place.

Julian can't take pictures without squinting... LOL!


Funny face...

And when we arrived home, the day got even better! Dad was making a delicious barbecue and I ate meat!!! No stomach pains so far... And mom opened a delicious bottle of wine. It's our favorite grape (malbec) and it's from Argentina. We love their wine! And she told us this bottle was not expensive, just 25 BRL! Loved it!

So we're waiting for the "cold"... Every year we have 3 to 7 days with lower temperature, it gets around 15-20 degrees Celsius...

What about where you live? What do you usually duringwinter?


The Black Hearts Derby Girls!

Hey, everyone!
Yesterday I went to a Roller Derby practice for the first time in my life and... I'm already part of the team!!! :D

I have no experience in skating, but I tried it and the girls told me they would teach me everything I need to start  playing! I felt like I'm part of the group immediately and I'm obsessed with the idea! I think I can only think and talk about roller derby for a while now... LOL!
I'm going to buy the skates and all the equipment, but while I don't have anything I'm going to watch every single practice and try to understand and learn everything I can about it! I always hated exercising and playing sports, but this was love at first sight!

Here are some pictures of the girls practicing:

Is it awesome or what?!!
What about you... do you practice any sports? Have you discovered something amazing lately?
Thanks for reading!