This is kind of a sad post because I'm writing to tell you guys that my grandma made her passage from life to whatever you believe we go after that. 

I was thinking about adjectives, but it's so difficult to give her one? My sweet grandma? My loving grandma? Well, she was not that kind of grandma. She was strong and quite independent. She was a tough lady! You wouldn't mess with her, she would kick your ass! And that's what I love the most about her and that's how I am going to remember her forever.

People say she was about to turn 100. But I think she must have had 300 years old or so. I was looking through some family photos a couple of weeks ago and showing them to my friend Ana. Grandma has always been old!!! I had always doubt she would die some day... I thought she would live forever and bury every single person of my family. Now I think someday she will return and maybe start some zombie apocalypse... I just can't believe she's gone forever.
And I'm really happy my husband had the opportunity to meet her before she's gone. He also have very good memories of her and that's really nice.

What can you tell me about your grandma? What kind of woman is\was she?



Fiona in Wonderland.

Cuddling with mom.

Happy family!

Cat print outfit.

Fiona Glennane - our baby cat - went through a surgery two days ago! Now she's a spayed lady.
For those who say "poor cat! don't you feel sorry for her?", here's an article on the benefits for the health and well-being of your pet. http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/cat-care/spay-neuter.aspx

This outfit is to protect her stitches. There were many different patterns of fabric to buy. Girly flowers or butterflies... But Fiona is a strong wild cat, so this leopard one goes perfectly with her personality! it's so cute!!! But she hates wearing that...

Do you have any pets?


Update on the indoor garden.

I haven't had the energy to do anything lately. Making diy crafts, creating blog posts, taking care of the garden and the house, studying and working... I've always enjoyed those things, but it has been difficult and I don't know why!!

Some of my plants are growing fast and stong, though! The onion, which I thought hopeless, decided to finally grow. The peppers are so beautiful! I have to take the smallest ones out so the biggest and strongest ones can grow even better. The one with the purple tiny flowers were given to me from my friend Ana, she also grows plants indoors. The sunflowers are huge! I also have to put some of them in another vase!!! I'm seriously thinking about giving some to Ana.

Thank you for reading! I hope you like this idea and start your own garden!
I'm so happy I've influenced Trista's children to start theirs! She is a good friend from Nebraska, we have never met but we talk to each other online sometimes and I can't wait to finally meet her!!!


Beer bottle caps and cloth part 3.

More magnets made out of recycled material! Don't forget to look back on the video that teaches you how to make it here on the blog!

I hope you like it! It's a nice souvenir to give as a gift to your friends , to decorate your own house, to hold pictures or important notes in your fridge or in any other metal surface. And it's so easy to make!!!

Cute cloth skulls!

Hey, dear readers!
For those who like sewing, you know that after sewing a piece of clothing or a bag or anything else sometimes you get lots of spare cloth pieces that are too small to become something and too large to throw them away.
I've taught you in two different posts here on the blog how to make jewelry and home dacoration items recycling cloth and beer bottle caps. This week I've made these super cute cloth skulls! You can use them on a dull shirt, on a bag, as a keychain or even in your hair. You can also make magnets for your refrigerator or make matching skulls to put on top of your shoes and make them more interesting!

I hope you like it! It doesn't take so much time and it's fun making them!

The pictures are not in the correct order because I'm posting from my phone.

What have you been doing lately? Share your ideas! And don't forget to tell me what you think on your comments! ;)


I heart trash!

Oh my holy bacon! I haven't had the time to write on the blog lately. I'm really sorry about it guys! And I really miss writing...
I've been working a lot, correcting lots of tests and students' papers and I still have to write the final paper to finally graduate at college. This past week I've been taking care of my dad. Mom went to Rio to help my grandma, who is at a hospital. So it has been difficult to create new things and new blog posts lately!

Last week I did something I love doing... I brought some trash home! I found this box and decided it is going to be very useful to keep some craft material in it. So I used some sand paper in it and painted it and it looks much better now!
What do you think of that? Have you been recycling anything lately?

I'll try to write some more soon. That's all I can do for now. =\ Lots of classes to plan right now!

Thank you for reading and sharing!! Leave your comments!