Challenges! I want Challenges!!!

Everyones, everyones...

Let's see if I can make this work! I'm not a blogger type, but maybe this could be productive for me and for people who read my posts!

I want  challenges. For me to keep writing here, I want you to give me ideas and challenges of what to do and I'll write about it and all the process. Everything about cats, hair, make-up, nails, style, decoration, plants, drawing, etc!!! Every extra time I have I'll dedicate to accomplishing some challenge and write about it, the process, the results, etc. And remember that all your suggestions must work with my lack of money! So, don't you try asking me to make a piece of jewelry out of gold, I won't do that! ¬¬

Soon I'll write about things I have done and things that I haven't finished yet (that's the most difficult part, to finish something). Things in my house that I built up from other things I found in the trash. I'll show everybody all that soon.

I hope to receive many ideas!!!



  1. Bem vinda! O blog vai ser todo em inglês sempre? Ensina a fazer aquelas lindinhas forrações que você fez nos seus armários, todos coloridinhos. Adorei! Beijos!

    1. Érica, a idéia é ser em inglês sim... (vai estudando)! :D
      De qual forração você tá falando? Da estante de madeira com amostrar de fórmica?

  2. Congratz Bia! Loved that you started blogging! You'll enjoy it very much!
    Best regards,

  3. OMG! Eu consegui entender.. Awesome!

    Muito sucesso! Já adicionei nos favoritos! Beijão! ;D

  4. I'm so excited for you, Bea! I love making art from found objects (trash)! We should do some kind of joint challenge together! I will come up with something and get back to you. In the mean time, I would love to see more nail designs from you! Could you please send me a photograph of you so that I can add it to the side bar of my blog and link it up to your blog?

    Love you!

    1. This joint challenge together is an awesome idea!!! This way it will encourage me to keep making things!
      I'm going to make something useful this week out of thrash... and then I'll send you my challenge!!! :D
      About the photograph, I'm still trying to make something nice that has to do with the blog... do you have any ideas? Or if you want, feel free to choose anything from my facebook albuns!
      I'm a retarded when it comes to computers and internet... :( I don't know how to the link to your blog to the side bar of mine!!! =\

  5. hi, byco!

    i'll try to write in english, but "my english is so bad" and tupiniquim. But let's who let's...

    teacher, how i can say "kkk" in english???

    love you.