Using bottle caps and cloth to make jewelry and decoration objects.

Hey, people!!! I've seen that there are people from Brasil, the U.S. and Germany reading this blog! I don't think I know someone in Germany right now... I mean, I know a few people who speak German and go there sometimes... but that's it.

Well... the idea for today's post is all Adrian's fault.

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Adrian is my sister-in-law, she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. At least in pictures, because we haven't met in person yet... :(
She lives in Arizona and she's a photographer. She writes about personal experiences at her blog adrianlovesowls.blogspot.com and she writes about vintage style with her friend Leah at their blog http://www.superstitionvintage.com/ . They also have an online shop on Etsy.

Of course I loved her idea of a joint challenge together right away! So I've made something using bottle caps and cloth to make jewelry and decoration objects. I had this idea a few weeks ago, that's why I already have bought the material. The idea is using the cheapest piece of cloth you can find. I bought 1 meter of printed cotton (the name in Portuguese is 'chita'). The long neck beer bottle caps you can find anywhere, and it's a good excuse for you to drink beer! Specially if you decide to make something to cover that big old ugly kitchen table or a rug for your front door... ;)

You'll need these materials:

A cute cat to annoy you while you do it:

Some pictures to show how it's done:

Make a paper circle (about 6 centimeters).

Make the circles on the cloth and then cut them.

I made one and took a bunch of pictures, but I think it was confusing. So I tried to make a video, but I'm not sure it's better or not! So watch it and give me your opinions about it. At the end of the video there are some ideas of how to make things using it, like bracelets, rings, something for you to put a glass container for your things or maybe a flower... you can also make many other things, like earrings, rugs, something to put on a table... The song is 'Ghost of Perdition' from OPETH, one of my favorite bands.

Now it's Adrian's turn! I expect her to make something nice using bottle caps, or cloth, or something related to that...
But feel free to do whatever you feel like and send me the challenge back!!!
I love you, sis! =*


  1. love it. i'll make something with this idea and last take photos and sand here to you.


  2. This looks like so much fun!! What shall I make...? It might be a week or two before I complete this project, but I am totally up for the challenge!!

    Love ya!