Going through changes.

My sister Anita, who is more than 7 years older than me, used to play with her Barbie Hair before I was born. She was always asking mom and dad to get her a 'Beatriz'. And they got her one! After I was born, she used to play not WITH me, but USING me as her doll. LOL! She used to dress me up and put makeup on me... I have some pictures in my mom's house, I'm going to try finding some to post here.
The thing is, I used to play with animals, plants, climbing on trees, running everywhere, but I didn't play so much with dolls and stuff like that. Of course there's a consequence. Now I play with myself... Uh... please don't have the wrong idea!! Now I love using makeup just for the hell of it, experimenting new ideas, doing my own nails and... cutting my own hair...
I haven't had bangs since I was a small child. I used to have them just because I wanted to play without having hair in my face and in my eyes. Today I've decided to cut my hair and OOPS, I snapped and cut my bangs! I'm not sure if I like it yet... It's just SO DIFFERENT!

Before (picture from last December):

Now (today):

I think it's the most extreme thing I have EVER done to my hair!!! Holy bacon!

And that's how I've changed my hair in the past few years:


Anita and I:

On my wedding:


Wtf hair...:

Blonde (yuck...):

As you can see... I LOVE purple. Unfortunately, I can't find a bunch of photos right now with different hair cut or bright red... I had many different hair styles. What about you? Have you changed a lot? Show me some pictures!!!

Thank you for reading!!!



Last weekend I made a cute keychain for my mom and a cushion. I really like sewing but I do everything by hand. And I don't know any sewing techniques, so I try my best...

What have you done lately?


Hey, readers! How are you doing?
Today's post is about something that I really like: nails!
Last year I wasn't working so hard and procrastinating so much on taking care of my appearance. So it was really common for me to do my nails frequently.
Here are some pictures of what I'd done before.

Normal nails:

Water marble:




So as you can see, I love beautiful nails. I feel bad when I don't have the time to do them and when I take good care of them even my confidence and self-esteem get better!

But today I'm showing you the basics of how we do our nails in Brasil. People usually get them done by professionals, but you can save a lot of money by doing them yourself. It's very important for you to have your own material and don't share it. There's a risk of catching fungi and bacteria diseases which you might have to get treatment for the rest of your life! In beauty salons they have a special machine to disinfect everything.

Most women here don't like keeping their cuticles undone. It's ugly and gross and when you use nail polish they always get in the way.

First, I use some moisturizer for really dry skin in my cuticles and leave my fingertips on warm water for five minutes or more. It's for people who have a darker skin complexion, because this type of skin needs more attention to not dry out.

Then I detach the cuticle from the nail, pulling out the parts from the edges on the sides between the fingers and the nails, always carefully, so I don't hurt nails or fingers.

I cut the cuticles off very carefully. 

Clean nails!!!

The next steps most of you know... Using nail files and nail polish.... Ta-daaa! :)

I hope you like the post! Please leave a comment and share! ;)

How do you do or get your nails done? How often? Do you have any tips about it?


Happy dia dos namorados!!! 

Today is Dia dos Namorados! It's the same as Valentine's day, but in Brasil. My sweet husband gave me a beautiful dress and flowers. I gave him a T-shirt with the roseta stone pattern, since he loves translation, and made us brunch with bacon, eggs and pancakes. This was the FIRST TIME in my whole life I made pancakes. Can you believe that?!

What are you doing for dia dos namorados? What do you enjoy doing with the love of your life?


Here comes the sun...

My sunflower has bloomed for the first time today! :)
The pictures are out of chronological order because I'm posting from my phone and I just can't do it right!
My beautiful sunflower looks like a heart... And it's so romantic, because in a week from now we're having DIA DOS NAMORADOS in Brasil! It's the same as valentine's day, but it goes on June 12th down here. Since I'm a Brazilian and my sweet husband is an American, we celebrate it twice a year!

There's a holiday this weekend and I'm going to really clean my house an have another tattoo apointment. I hope I have the time to prepare something nice for you here on the blog!

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