This is winter!!!

Hey, dear readers!
Winter arrived but there's no sign of cold. Temperature reaches over 30 degrees Celsius and sun radiation keeps destroying our skin. 
I love the cold, spending my free time under the blankets, watching movies and getting fat. But since we live in a tropical country with hellish temperature, Julian and I enjoy it the best way we can!
We went to the beach this morning (it's five minutes from our house on foot), the sun was great, the ocean was amazing (it's usually really strong and dangerous, but today it was like a lake) and the best of all: there weren't a lot of people! 

The beach is a very nice place to read. It's calm and quiet when it's not crowded and the sound of the ocean is so relaxing!

Neil Gaiman is an *AMAZING* writer and this book is awesome! There are many short stories, which is really good for you to read while waiting for something or commuting on a bus or just chilling in a nice relaxing place.

Julian can't take pictures without squinting... LOL!


Funny face...

And when we arrived home, the day got even better! Dad was making a delicious barbecue and I ate meat!!! No stomach pains so far... And mom opened a delicious bottle of wine. It's our favorite grape (malbec) and it's from Argentina. We love their wine! And she told us this bottle was not expensive, just 25 BRL! Loved it!

So we're waiting for the "cold"... Every year we have 3 to 7 days with lower temperature, it gets around 15-20 degrees Celsius...

What about where you live? What do you usually duringwinter?


  1. Neil Gaiman is awesome. Have you read "Coraline"? An amazing book in so many ways I can't describe. And I obviously love the illustrations. I really want to read "Chu's Day". Gaiman said that is a "real book" and that he is proud of it, so I think it's worth a try, considering there are very few authors that really enjoy their own work. They're always trying to change something left behind.

    1. Yay!!! Mari left a comment! ^^
      I haven't read these books yet. Maybe because they haven't "called" me yet. I love reading but if the book doesn't WANT to be read I feel like I'm forcing it to be read... It's like if they talked to me... (wtf)...
      Like the dishes. I hate doing the dishes because they argue to each other all the time and ask me to be put in other places and it sucks. LOL!

      Seriously... I'm not as THAT crazy as it seems...

    2. Yep. I left a comment. I realised it was time to grow some balls.
      Anyway... I think books talk to me just 'till the middle of them. I have this strange thing, I leave books in the middle. There are really few that make me read till the very end.
      You're not crazy, baby. You're just dancing your life. Weird sentence...

  2. Invejinha... Não posso tomar sol tão cedo!!!

    1. Mas a parte do churrasquinho com o vinho cê pode! ^^

  3. Cute pictures on the beach! Tell Julian he needs to get a tan!!

  4. This post made me smile! What beautiful photographs of you two and the beach!

    sending you happy spells


  5. aww these pictures are lovely :) the funny thing is, you're having an unusually warm winter and here is the opposite- it's summer but feels quite cold and lots of rain! haha. enjoy the sunshine! <3
    have a nice day!