Derby, derby, derby!!!

Hey, everyone!
I'm sorry for not writing enough lately, but I've been blocked for anything else that's not ROLLER DERBY right now!!!

I'm that person who never fits anywhere, can't manage to have a social life, lots of friends, like a normal person. I hate sports, I'm sedentary, chubby, anti-social and sometimes rude. But you know when you find something that suits you right away? That's roller derby! I'm completely in love with the sport and my new derby girlfriends!

My skates are arriving on the 18th, Chelsie and Dona are coming from the U.S. to pay us a visit and they are bringing my quads with them! (*_*)
I still have to learn the basics of how to skate, though. I SUCK! But I'm very motivated to learn and be the best I can possibly be!

Last practice the girls lent me a pair of extra inline skates just for me to start practicing SOMETHING before getting my quads. Here are some pictures:

The girls have been super patient and they are willing to teach me everything!

If you had never tried it, put skates on and do it! It's awesome, it's love, it's everything!!!
And if you live in EspĂ­rito Santo (the state I live in Brasil) and want to join the league, contact us! As you can see, you don't need to know how to skate, I'm learning from the very beginning!!!
Check out The Black Hearts Derby Girls on Facebook or our BLOG! Join us!!!

And thank you for reading!!! ;)


  1. You are going to rock it as a derby girl!! Woo Hoo!

  2. thats sooo cool! i've never really done roller skating, but i used to be a figure skater and i loved it :)
    glad to hear you've been having fun! have a nice day!