A new semester starts!

Hey, dudes!

A new semester at the course I teach is about to start, and that's why there was no post yesterday and only this short one today... Sorry about that, but as soon as I get everything organized I'm going to create a new challenge to post on the blog!
Not only people from Brasil, The U.S. and Germany are reading the blog, but also from Thailand and Australia!!! I'm so happy for that!!! And I promise I'll make the best I can to write interesting and useful things for everybody to read! ;)

But the challenge for me now is that classes are about to start... New batch of students, class plans, new activities... I never thought I was going to become a teacher, but I really love what I do. As long as I keep learning new things and evolving, I'll keep loving teaching.
I know I'll always face lots of problems and difficulties in teaching. The income is terrible, students don't respect you sometimes, moms and dads also, you have to motivate students, create activities, correct tests, study hard... I think that's why I've been doing this and I haven't given up yet. Because it's always challenging, there're many obstacles to go through, many things to conquer, many ways to expand your limits.

My students asked me why did I become a teacher... I told them that I have no idea. And they think I've decided to be a teacher just to make a total mess in the classroom without having someone else to tell me that it's wrong! LOL!

What about you? What do you do and why? Are you happy with your job? What would you like to do?

Thank you for reading, for answering, and for the patience of waiting for a nicer post from me! ;)

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  1. Today i discover that i will teach in Barra do Piraí only in two days at week... and me and husband are looking to a new car from us... realy from me, to go and back to my three activities (Nova Iguaçu and Barra do Piraí classes, two mornings at week each, and all afternoons and nights at EMBRAPA). Pray to us!!! lol!