Happy dia dos namorados!!! 

Today is Dia dos Namorados! It's the same as Valentine's day, but in Brasil. My sweet husband gave me a beautiful dress and flowers. I gave him a T-shirt with the roseta stone pattern, since he loves translation, and made us brunch with bacon, eggs and pancakes. This was the FIRST TIME in my whole life I made pancakes. Can you believe that?!

What are you doing for dia dos namorados? What do you enjoy doing with the love of your life?


  1. Love the dress!! Hope you have a great day! Oh and I want that shirt!!

  2. Oi amiga. Hoje dei para o Leo um CD do "Sinner" e ganhei um conjuntinho fofo de cordão e brinco. Gostei dos seus presentes mas, o que era aquele bacon fritinho? Aaaaaahhhh, morri!