This is kind of a sad post because I'm writing to tell you guys that my grandma made her passage from life to whatever you believe we go after that. 

I was thinking about adjectives, but it's so difficult to give her one? My sweet grandma? My loving grandma? Well, she was not that kind of grandma. She was strong and quite independent. She was a tough lady! You wouldn't mess with her, she would kick your ass! And that's what I love the most about her and that's how I am going to remember her forever.

People say she was about to turn 100. But I think she must have had 300 years old or so. I was looking through some family photos a couple of weeks ago and showing them to my friend Ana. Grandma has always been old!!! I had always doubt she would die some day... I thought she would live forever and bury every single person of my family. Now I think someday she will return and maybe start some zombie apocalypse... I just can't believe she's gone forever.
And I'm really happy my husband had the opportunity to meet her before she's gone. He also have very good memories of her and that's really nice.

What can you tell me about your grandma? What kind of woman is\was she?


  1. Oi amiga! Vi no face da sua mãe. Sinto muito pela sua vozinha... Beijos! Quero ver vocês! Que tal no findi? Saudades!

  2. My Grandmother is one of the strongest, funniest, ball busting bitches around lol! She is the type of lady that never seems to look old just more beautiful and is able to wear rings on every finger, 2 necklaces and some bracelets with jeans a sweater and tennis shoes and yet it looks completely normal! I am so sorry for your families loss!

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss, Bea! See looks like a very sweet (and kick-ass) lady!

    xx Adrian