I heart trash!

Oh my holy bacon! I haven't had the time to write on the blog lately. I'm really sorry about it guys! And I really miss writing...
I've been working a lot, correcting lots of tests and students' papers and I still have to write the final paper to finally graduate at college. This past week I've been taking care of my dad. Mom went to Rio to help my grandma, who is at a hospital. So it has been difficult to create new things and new blog posts lately!

Last week I did something I love doing... I brought some trash home! I found this box and decided it is going to be very useful to keep some craft material in it. So I used some sand paper in it and painted it and it looks much better now!
What do you think of that? Have you been recycling anything lately?

I'll try to write some more soon. That's all I can do for now. =\ Lots of classes to plan right now!

Thank you for reading and sharing!! Leave your comments!


  1. Adorei! Mas não era lilás? Por que virou azul? Que tipo de tinta você usou?

  2. Érica, quando achei a caixa no lixo ela estava com umas partes pintadas de lilás. Eu lixei e pintei tudo de branco, depois fiz as florzinhas e as partes azuis.
    Usei tinta de parede mesmo, que estava dando sopa na casa do meu pai ^^

  3. Way to go! I like how you painted it :)

    xx Adrian