Cute cloth skulls!

Hey, dear readers!
For those who like sewing, you know that after sewing a piece of clothing or a bag or anything else sometimes you get lots of spare cloth pieces that are too small to become something and too large to throw them away.
I've taught you in two different posts here on the blog how to make jewelry and home dacoration items recycling cloth and beer bottle caps. This week I've made these super cute cloth skulls! You can use them on a dull shirt, on a bag, as a keychain or even in your hair. You can also make magnets for your refrigerator or make matching skulls to put on top of your shoes and make them more interesting!

I hope you like it! It doesn't take so much time and it's fun making them!

The pictures are not in the correct order because I'm posting from my phone.

What have you been doing lately? Share your ideas! And don't forget to tell me what you think on your comments! ;)

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  1. Gostei mas não faria. Não sou mais true, agora sou poser, gosto de coisas fofas e florzinhas. Kkkkkkkkk...