Yeah, I know! I know!! I'm sorry!

I've not been writing lately, because I'm teaching A LOT. Besides working on Saturdays, I'm working in two different schools that are extremely far away from each other and in the opposite direction, too. I've been working in THREE DIFFERENT CITIES. LOL! I have free time in the morning and on Sundays, but that's when I try concentrating on any shadow of creativity that gets through my tiredness safely while I take care of my house, try to get some exercise, correct student's papers and plan new classes.
I'm not complaining! I love this life!!! :D

I promise as soon as possible to post the purse I made for my mom, my phone case done by myself, pictures from my house "Casinha!", the shirt mom made, the crochet I've been (slowly) making and I already have many projects going on in my mind! I'm starting a small purse for me, thinking about more phone cases, drawings and a surprise that is knocking on my thoughts for days now to a certain sister-in-law.

Please, don't leave me! Be patient and wait... =P