Weekend at Bubba's

Hey, ladies and germs!

There's not much to do down here on weekends if you don't have money. The usual thing for people to have fun are bars. People here really like to get drunk and that's the coolest thing for everyone! I used to be like that for a while, but I guess I want something more from life than people here... Besides, Julian and I see that drinking too much with empty people and phony 'friends' is not only bad to our physical and mental health, but to our financial lives too.

We started working this weekend, so we spent some time planning classes and getting organized. We teach on Saturdays and we have to get used to the new routine all over again. Waking up early and teaching all day is a little tiring, specially after a month of vacation and waking up late!!!

This weekend Fiona and I played "Schrödinger's cat" ^^

The cat is alive!!! =P

The groups I teach on Saturdays are awesome! They are beginners, but they could handle the classes in English only much better than I expected!
They also gave me two groups of children this semester during the week. I see it as a challenge, since I hate don't know how to deal very well with most of them... I'll survive, I guess...

On Saturday, after work, Julian and I opened a bottle of wine and had some chocolate. We drank a TEMPRANILLO, which is amazing with dark chocolate and cheese. So if you're having a fondue, that's one of the best wines you can have with it!
We also love to drink a good MALBEC. The ones from Argentina are our favorite. Wines from BODEGA CATENA ZAPATA are awesome. There's a red wine from Portugal called Messias that we also like a lot. Someday I'll write here about wine and my recent experience with it...

On Sunday we went down to my mom's house and I made us lunch, using vegetables and pork. It's one of the healthiest types of meat, if it's well prepared. Better then cow and there's less hormones then chicken bought in the supermarket.

I used three types of peppers (green, red and yellow), peperoncino peppers,onions, tomatoes, ginger, some fresh spices (basil, oregano, sage and rosemary, everything well chopped. On the pork I used salt and ground pepper. Everything chopped and cooked, served with Doritos. Here are some pictures to inspire you in trying to do the same to tell me how it gets:

Fiona was there helping me!

Do you like cooking? I hope you share your experience on your comments down here! ;)


  1. Ha I love the sound of the recipe I will have to have Richie cook it though because I don't do any cooking! Would you dip the doritos in it or just eat them on the side?

    1. Trista, dip the doritos in it, it's awesome! ^^ Tell Richie to be careful when he puts salt... mine was kinda too salty...

  2. Yum! That salsa looks tasty and fresh! Fiona is ADORABLE!!

    1. Fiona is gorgeous! And she's usually very sweet, cute and incredibly 'squeezy'. LOL! But sometimes she wants to bite everything and everyone just to prove she's terrible =P

  3. i loved the collor of the ingredients!!! kiss fiona to me!