Magnets and owls.

Sup, people!!!

I feel this is going to be a productive weekend! I'm going to teach tomorrow in the morning and in the afternoon till 5. Then I'll come back home to start making some nice crafts I've been testing today.

I used some of those buttons I've made with cloth and bottle caps to make refrigerator magnets:

And I've made a tiny baby owl using fabric, but it was just to test it. I'll try to make more tomorrow using different things and I'll take some pictures or maybe a video to explain how to do them:

I bet Adrian is going to love them!!! I gave this first one to my mom (who LOVES owls too). I'll try to make bigger ones, to use as paper weight or door wedge or something like that.

I hope everybody has a great Saturday! Write to y'all later!


  1. byco, post here the step by step to make the litle owl! i'd like to make something with it's!

    1. This week is going to be crazy. I will work at IBES and in CAMPO GRANDE now... And my house is a complete mess!!! But as soon as possible I'll make a video about it. ;)

  2. OMG that owl is soooo cute! You should sell them on Etsy! They are adorable! I WANT ONE!!!!! :P

    xx Adrian

  3. where are you, byco? you will not post anymore?