Hey everyone!

The moon is so round and bright and gorgeous these days that inspires me in everything I've done. It's amazing how something that floats in space around a planet steals the light of a star and looks so beautiful! I'm not sure if it's everything true, but people say that the moon influences on the harvests, oceans, animal behavior and many other natural phenomenon in our planet. It's such an awesome thing!!! I've noticed that my mood also changes and I get more energy to do everything. I'm a happier person during this phase. Psychologically, physically and even sexually, everything gets 100% better!

I've tried to take some pictures yesterday at night, but with a regular camera and no techniques at all it's kinda difficult... The moon was so bright and shiny and the lights of the streets and houses were really cool.

And it gave me inspiration for one of the Photo-a-day challenge from Adrian's blog http://adrianlovesowls.blogspot.com ^^

I know it's for day 6, but I took on the 7... dark/light:

I know I haven't done many crafts or nice posts... But since the semester started I've been so busy!!! And so lazy in my free time... :( I'm really sorry for that! I promise I'll try harder!

Thank you for reading!


  1. i have a photo to post to Adrian's challenge! its maya sitting in rauls head! lol... very nice!

    don't forget: the earth (and we with it) it's floating in the nothing with a extraordinary velocity, and it's get turns around itself without stopping!!!! =)

  2. Send it to her via facebook!!! :D