Seven Deadly Sins.

My beautiful sis-in-law Adrian is taking photos for her 29-day photo challenge. She has a photography degree from ASU and this challenge consists on taking one picture a day following a list of themes.
I'd love to participate in her challenge, but it would be ridiculous, since I'm not a professional photographer! LOL!
Her challenge reminds me of some pictures someone took of me in 2007, though. I was a nun, committing the seven deadly sins. It's not great, but I like the idea...
There's a 'cover' picture:

And the rest... Try to find out the names of these deadly sins!!! :D


  1. Bea, I love you! And you look amazing in these photographs. Especially the last one!! ;)

    You DO NOT have to be a professional photographer to do my challenge! One of my friends is even doing it with her iPhone!

    1. Adriaaan! I love taking controversial pictures with different themes and concepts. That's a nice challenge for you, who are an amazing photographer!!! I'm gunna think of some themes... I hope you like them! :D

      And I LOVE taking nude pictures. I have a friend who studied art with me and now she's studying photography in a college here. Every time she needs to make a presentation, she chooses to take nude pics. Guess who's always her model?! Hahahahaha!