Favorite places.

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to Vitoria (a city 5 minutes away from Vila Velha, where I live - literally - just across a bridge) just to hang out in an open park full of nature, beautiful trees, flowers and animals. We live in a beautiful place, the beach is three blocks away from my house and it's a relatively calm neighborhood that started growing about 10 years ago. Before that it was just some ugly houses looking the same, at the limits of the city, with sewer problems and a few paved streets. Here are some pictures of where we live:

That's for you to understand that I realize I live at an amazing place and I don't have anything to complain about it. The only problem is that I'm crazy about parks and gardens. Sometimes it gets kinda tiring to look at the same ocean every day. I need plants, flowers, something different to inspire me. And there is a park that we really like to go sometimes, it's inspiring and peaceful.

But, of course, going back to the beach is always awesome! ^^

Is there a place you really like going where you live in your free time? Share it! :)

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  1. It is so beautiful there! I hope I get to visit you soon so that you can show me all these beautiful places, in person!