Born to be wild!

Mom and dad are on the road again! Where to? I have no idea. They are in their 60's and they love riding their Harleys, every opportunity they have they hit the road and go wild on motorcycle parties with their friends (and their fans).

Mom loves rock and roll. She goes crazy drinking Jack Daniels and banging her hair. And she's really feminine, well dressed, she puts her make up, boots and leather on and rocks everybody's world!

That's why I sewed this purse, so she can go to her parties and trips with style.

How about your parents? What can you tell me about them?


  1. i'll talk about my parents... my parents are your parents... hihihi...

  2. My parents are also all about their motorcycle club! Since it is too cold to ride where they live their club meets to have lunch and coffee usually once a week! My mom is into reading, skulls and hello kitty and love love loves her cat Cirra! My dad loves his motorcycle and loves to drink coffee at the Barnes and Noble!! They are complete opposites mom's loud and dad's quiet but they have a great time! Love them both! Your parents seem like they would be a ton of fun!

  3. Me voy al mundo con su papá ... kkkkkkkkkkk

  4. Este casal é super, hiper legal!!!