Getting tattooed!!! :D

I've just arrived home from Lee's place. He's a friend, an ex-student and my tatoo artits. I'm finally getting tatooed again! Yey!!!! :D
I'm finally getting my full sleeve, there're flowers (of course), birds and skulls. We've done most of the outline today, so we're probably going to need five or six more sessions to finish it... =\ I can't wait for it to be complete!!! (*_*)

I'd never imagined that it hurt so much in the elbow!!! (>_<)

Do you have any tattoos? Show me pictures of it!!! Are you planning any new ones?


  1. The elbow is the worst!!

  2. não era pra ser só flores? mudou de idéia?

  3. Num era pra ser só flores filha? mudou de idéia?