Indoor garden.

This is the first time I write a post from my cellphone! Let's give it a try and see if I get used to it. It takes longer for me to type but maybe it's going to make me write more, since I can write from the bus on my way home (like now). (And later...) I saved it as a draft and finished it at home, on the computer, because I didn't know how to put the pictures in the correct places... But I discovered it already, I guess.

I've been reading a lot online about ways to have plants indoors. I live on the third floor, in a small house. Not having a yard or space to have many animals and plants is something really sad for me. I grew up in many different places an in all of them we used to have lots of nature all around us. That's probably why I want to have a house in the countryside some day...

I took some time today to work on my garden. It's such a relaxing activity to deal with plants and soil! Fiona (the cat) likes it a lot too. She couldn't help it, hoping around and throwing herself at the dirt...

The only problem is that I don't know the names of my plants!!! So I need the help of my favorite almost doctor biologist (and sister) Anita Bonita to tell me the names of all my plants...

My husband knows how much I love plants and nature, so he started giving me flowers a few months ago. Isn't he awesome?! The first one was this one, for no special reason. He just arrived home with them and it made me so happy!
They came in a tiny vase, so I put them inside an ice-cream empty container and it's a much healhier and happier plant now!

Later I bought one with no flowers. I was walking in the supermarket when I felt Like someone was observing me. When I looked at this plant it was like it was saying 'pleaaase, take me home!'. How could I say no?! I changed its soil for a better one and it looks great!

In March 8, international day of women, sweet hubby gave me five more different types of flowers!
I put these in an empty powdered milk container, which I still have to decorate.

These ones are violets, I guess, and behind them there's one that has yellow flowers... I saw this amazing idea in many different pages, specially on facebook, some friends sent me pictures of plants in soda plastic bottles (perfect for small spaces, because you can also hang them on a wall). I LOVED it!!!

I put some sunflower seeds in these vases, let's see if it grows!

Here there are three vases with garlic and in the other one I put some beans... I hope they grow and become magic beans! ^^

Some things remind me of good times in art course at the university, which I took for two and a half years but, instead of finishing it, I changed to English. The headless-armless woman (she used to have wings, but they broke) and the ball I made in pottery classes, my favorote art subject. The tray is what we used to eat that time in the university's restaurant. Now they use plates... boring!

These things are used to drink chimarrĂ£o, a traditional hot beverage from Argentina and south of Brasil. We bought them while we were in Buenos Aires for our honeymoon!

And I couldn't make a garden without one of my biggest passions... FROGS!!! I love all of them. When I was a child, I used to play with real frogs and toads in Pantanal... It was amazing!

Not only the vases are recycled in this garden. Besides using food and soda containers as vases, the shelf's decoration is made of free samples of formica found in the trash!

Do you have a garden in your house? Would you like to? What other recycling tips could you give me?

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  1. I love how you recycled so many things to use as potters! The soda bottle is so cool! We're lucky to have a large backyard so we can plant a lot of veggies back there! I'll share some garden photos on my blog soon!